The Best CPA Luxury
Goods Affiliate Program

Generate income with the web’s most profitable affiliate program.
Becoming an affiliate is a surefire way to add revenue to your bottom line
simply by placing a link or banner on your site
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It's easy and free to join.
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Advertise with creative content
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Earn up to $75 CPA (cost per action)
commission on every sale
you send us

up to 75% commission on every sale you send us

Signing up for our affiliate program takes literally seconds, and once you’re setup it’s a simple matter of pasting your custom tracking links on your site, blog, or forum—wherever you like. There are no rules or obligations as to how and where you display your links.

Within minutes you can be up and running with a program that brings you up to $75 CPA (cost per action) commission on every sale you send us. Our affiliates commonly enjoy a 3.2% conversion rate, meaning 3.2% of the traffic that comes from your site to one of ours could bring you up to $75 for each and every visit.


Our Top Luxury products

We work with a diverse range of products. Here are a few of the categories of our most popular products. This should help you decide whether your site, blog, or store is well suited to affiliating with us.

If your current traffic is not well-suited to sales of these types of products, don't give up yet. In many cases we can help you adapt your current traffic to make a good fit with our customer base. There are always ways to make money in the affiliate network. We can help you develop a variety of creative methods for improving the sales rate on your traffic.

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We Provide
The Creative

As an affiliate of you have access to our library of creative content including ads, banners, slogans, text, newsletter content or HTML sites and images that will drive clicks and turn your traffic into cash. Our design team is also at your disposal to create custom content should you want it.

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Reliable Real
Time Tracking

In your affiliate dashboard you will have access to a real-time display of all the traffic your links have generated and the time and value of all conversions. When a sale is made it will immediately be documented in your account. Once the product is shipped you’ll receive your commission. Payouts are made twice monthly with a variety of different payment methods to choose from.

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